Our CEO, Michael Parise

Michael Parise has been in the entertainment industry for 25 years. Michael has worked beside a very prestigious list of entertainers and executives his entire career. Said to be one of the best comedians of our time, nominated for a Comedy Award in 1997, worked with Andrew Dice Clay, Rodney Dangerfield, Jada Pinkett Smith, Keenan Ivory Wayans, just to name a few. International Headliner, Las Vegas Headliner and corporate motivational speaker. Considered a Celebrity Chef and one of the best Closers of our time. Does it all make sense?

The Entertainer: Affectionately known in the entertainment industry as Michael Wheels Parise, Comedian/Actor. Wheels was in the original, Andrew Dice Clay crew back in the 90’s called the Brooklyn Bad Boys. As opening act,tour manager and best friend of the Diceman, Wheels was a part of history in American pop culture back in the day, when comedy was a crafted art. Started in the trenches of New York with Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, John Stewart, etc… Wheels later moved on to Los Angeles and became a hit at the World Famous Comedy Store in West Hollywood, but with comedy comes struggle and in Hollywood, nothing comes easy.

The Closer: Michael is no stranger when it comes to sales, as a struggling comedian in LA. Wheels made a living in  Telesales, working every boiler room in Los Angeles selling everything from stocks, refi’s, alarm systems, postal manuals, sports memorabilia to things that did not exist…but he learned from the  best closers out there and that would prove to turn a negative into a positive later in life. Learning lessons, technique, swagger and the applying the bodies of knowledge in a positive way, incorporating that in the metaphysical world of positive energy and  projective thought patterns, makes this a very powerful tool in life that he passes on through out the country. whether speaking at corporate seminars, teaching the “closing” room floor the ethical way of closing or motivating fortune 500 companies and applying the the bodies of knowledge in life and work…you are on the path to success, you will not and can not fail.

Celebrity Chef: Before it all, Michael had a passion for cooking. Growing up into an Italian family, you had no choice when it came to eating, you just did, but you also had the benefit of eating the most delicious food in the world, to say the least. Michael”s brother Victor is a Chef and in the Parise Family of Long Island NY you were either in politics or food and beverage. Michael and his family ended up moving to Florida when he was 10 years old. Victor worked as a chef at some pretty high end restaurants in FL. Michael wanting to follow in his footsteps ended up finding his love of food early on and started taking it serious. Working as a dishwasher then a pizza cook at the ripe age of 14, Michael loved the restaurant business. he knew this would be something he would pursue. Learning with his eyes as he would watch his brother create food art. getting his degree in Culinary arts and working in restaurants later in NY, LA. and Colorado,  would just be the beginning to his crazy career in food. Cut to 2004, While making a transition in life he decided in a hotel room in Miami while headlining the Miami Improv that he wanted a more stable life. He had just met his future wife and he was tired of working the road, he wanted to spend more time in LA and get ready to raise a family at 38 years old… so he came up with an idea that would be life changing. He bought the name “Cannoli Kings”.com and thought about selling the sumptuous dessert Cannoli, thru mail order. He developed 20 signature decadent creams. When he got back to LA he started to post on Craigslist, peddling Cannoli Platters to office complexes and celebrities. Well it started to take off and he was doing that plus catering food for companies and delivering, all out of his 1 bedroom apt in West Hollywood. (To make a long story short) applying his sales technique with his culinary talent and celebrity connections, Cannoli Kings would become the number one catering company in Los Angeles in 2005 to 2008 with his new state of the art kitchen and crew and 385 flavors of Cannoli cream that got him national attention., Chef Parise would make his mark in the world of food and a client list of Michael Jackson, Hale Berry, Teri Hatcher, Robin Williams and a slew of other A list celebrities! Leaving Los Angeles and the daily grind, Michael and his family found there way to Asheville North Carolina and ended up opening “Parise’s New American Bistro” in Chimney Rock, NC. At the famous Esmeralda Inn., becoming the #1 fine food dining in Western NC. Show biz came calling for him back and he sold the Bistro and moved back west to Las Vegas, NV. where he currently runs “Parise Catering and Events“, his signature company.

Today: Michael lives with his wife Sherilene and there daughter Catherine in Las Vegas, Headlining the clubs in Vegas as he runs Parise Group. Still catering parties in LA and Las Vegas and now teaching younger comedians the “Art of the biz” in a workshop called “The Next Level” as well as doing 1 on 1 personal coaching. Michael loves the business and is currently working on a reality show project called “Hardcore Close” a look into the world of the “Boiler Rooms” of America. Michael even went behind the scenes in Las Vegas at a top boiler room just to brush up.Michael is also launching 2 new business in Las Vegas, Sin City Doggie Styles(designer doggie clothing and jewlery) and “Its WHOLE good”, a green community website focused on a WHOLE lifestyle.  When not working on all of theses projects, Michael enjoys relaxing with his family, drinking wine with his wife, as they watch their 7 year old grow up into an amazing young lady. Nothing is more powerful than the love of ones family…

One thing has always been on the mind of Parise,and that was making it. As long as you believe in yourself, believe in what you do, the rest comes easy. Love the one you’re with!

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